Album picture of Trogdor!! the Board Game Rulebook

Trogdor!! the Board Game Rulebook

Strong Bad


Album Tracks

Quickstart Overview Strong Bad 01:51
The Actions You Can Do (feat. Homestar Runner) Strong Bad, Homestar Runner 00:55
The Keepers of Trogdor (feat. Some Variety of Neville) Strong Bad, Some Variety of Neville 01:06
The Wraparound (feat. Coach Z) Strong Bad, Coach Z 01:06
Surround the Cottages (feat. Cool Tapes) Strong Bad, Cool Tapes 00:38
Peasant Spawning (Is Confusion) [feat. Strong Sad] Strong Bad, Strong Sad 01:13
When the Knight Moves Thru Ya (feat. Limozeen) Strong Bad, Limozeen 00:49
The Archer (feat. Bigg Nife) Strong Bad, Bigg Nife 01:09
Don't Forget to Recharge Strong Bad 00:44
The Troghammer (feat. Taranchula) Strong Bad, Taranchula 01:02

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