Album picture of SCOAP: Soul Chapters of a Poetic

SCOAP: Soul Chapters of a Poetic



Album Tracks

Gentle Hearts NRBARZ 04:39
For Us (feat. Natino) NRBARZ, Natino 04:21
The Fight (feat. MCK & Philocypha) NRBARZ, MCK, Philocypha 04:51
Call of Duty NRBARZ 04:39
Keep It Moving Regardless NRBARZ 05:13
Time to Let Go (feat. Sketch) NRBARZ, Sketch 03:41
Sevenfold (feat. Ebony Muzik) NRBARZ, EBONY MUZIK 03:37
Rainset NRBARZ 04:18
Take a Sip NRBARZ 03:51
Legacy NRBARZ 05:39

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