Album picture of The French Seaside

The French Seaside

Various Artists


Album Tracks

This Is the Love Sukiyaky 05:57
Take It Easy


Sekai 02:08
Fuse On Middle 04:30
Off My Mind (Club Mix) Insure, REFLEX 04:27
Gleam Hyalin 07:12
Crew Member Quentin Claude 05:45
Feel Your Touch Laere 03:07
Remember REFLEX 02:54
Avocado Toast Yohan Peralta 04:30
Milky Peach Eyeflash 03:34
Voyage Insure 03:53
Polyamour REFLEX 04:29
Gauche droite The Vein 03:42
For Daso Back From The Wave 06:42
Starts Quentin Claude 06:31

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