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A Demo Of The Universe



Album Tracks

It's Not My Fault (Demo) Blink 04:43
Cello (Demo) Blink 03:54
Happy Day (Demo) Blink 03:55
Everything Comes Everything Goes (Demo) Blink 03:41
Snow (Be Precious) (Live at Aberdeen TECA, 1994) Blink 02:50
Fundamentally Loveable Creature (Demo) Blink 03:04
Love Me (Live at Aberdeen TECA, June 1994) Blink 04:41
Ed's Got a New Car (Demo) Blink 03:59
The Greatest Trick (Live at Wembley Arena, May 1994) Blink 03:27
Going to Nepal (Demo) Blink 03:59
There's Something Wrong with Norman's Mom (Live at Ashtown Studios) Blink 04:50
Christmas 92 (Demo for Christmas 22) Blink 04:00
Is God Really Groovy? (Demo) Blink 03:16
Cello (Monster 20 Version) Blink 05:18
Cello (Ambient 20 Version) Blink 05:32
Hank (Demo) Blink 04:46
Hassle at the Burger Store Blink 03:53
Shiny Jim (Demo) Blink 04:00
What A Wonderful Scene It's Been Blink 03:15
A Dark Night In A Hole Blink 03:12

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