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Music for Self Esteem

bod [包家巷]


Album Tracks

Please Listen to the Whole Album It'll Be Rewarding I Promise Bod [包家巷] 02:21
My Hypergraphia Is Exploitable but I Refuse to Allow It to Be Bod [包家巷] 04:20
Music for Self Esteem Bod [包家巷] 03:30
Free Will Isn't Free Bod [包家巷] 00:42
Every Song Sounds Different Trust Me Bod [包家巷] 03:43
Unexpected Resurgence of Traumatic Childhood Memories Bod [包家巷] 04:09
Periodical Acceptance of Chaos Bod [包家巷] 01:10
LA Was Worth the Struggle but I Had to Leave Bod [包家巷] 02:26
For Everyone Who Released Shorter or Secretive Works Bod [包家巷] 01:37
Dedicated to Amen (reinvigoration of a sense of aesthetic belonging in a foreign concept) Bod [包家巷] 03:20

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