Album picture of Augusta Read Thomas: The Auditions

Augusta Read Thomas: The Auditions

Various Artists


Album Tracks

Avian Capriccio: I. Hummingbirds Axiom Brass Quintet 04:35
Avian Capriccio: II. Swans Axiom Brass Quintet 03:47
Avian Capriccio: III. Canaries Axiom Brass Quintet 03:42
Plea for Peace Jessica Aszodi, Yuan-Qing Yu, Ni Mei, WeiJing Wang 05:37
Ripple Effects Joey Brink, Michael Solotke 05:17
The Auditions: I. Resonant ICE Ensemble 02:04
The Auditions: II. Energetic ICE Ensemble 05:55
The Auditions: III. Elegant ICE Ensemble 03:22
The Auditions: IV. Ardent ICE Ensemble 04:10
The Auditions: V. Ethereal ICE Ensemble 02:24
The Auditions: VI. Passionate ICE Ensemble 05:05
The Auditions: VII. Mystical ICE Ensemble 03:50
Two Thoughts About The Piano Daniel Pesca 05:35
Selene (arr. Cliff Colnot) Third Coast Percussion 16:46
Your Kiss Claire Booth, Andrew Matthews-Owens 07:43

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