Album picture of Virus Positions (a Quarantine Music Collection)

Virus Positions (a Quarantine Music Collection)

Various Artists


Album Tracks

Beginning of the End Johnny Labelle 04:02
Λούτρινο MAZOHA 04:54
Alfie Says My Wet Calvin 03:11
Worship Of the Sun Mikael Delta 04:48
Anorexic Beauty Tango With Lions 02:58
Monitors Mechanimal 04:39
Frozen Eyes Sundayman 05:16
Δυστοπία ΦΩΝΟΠΤΙΚΟΝ 04:38
Belong Goodbye Bedouin 05:39
So We'll Go No More a Roving Manolis Aggelakis 03:23
Θέλω Φύση Dury Dava 06:37
Haze of a Dream Prins Obi 03:11
Facetoucher May Roosevelt 03:12
Μόνο Ψέματα (Acoustic Version) Fivos Delivorias, Nefeli Fasouli 04:44

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