Album picture of Viewfinder (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Viewfinder (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)



Album Tracks

The Dreamed-Of Release Barzin 02:55
Along A Grape Vine Barzin 01:25
Departed Have Left No Address Barzin 01:59
Lost Generation Barzin 03:29
Someone Walks On An Icy Patch Barzin 01:54
Viewfinder Barzin 02:06
The Territory Of You And Me Barzin 01:21
Across The Sky The Clouds Move Barzin 01:00
Valley Of The Moon Barzin 02:24
And Nothingness Brings Forth Nothingness Barzin 01:36
Another Kind Of Death Barzin 01:06
You Lived In As A Child Barzin 02:22
Did He Go To Heaven_ Barzin 02:29
He Opened His Eyes Barzin 02:16
Between Two Empty Streets Barzin 02:28
Prelude To Eternity Barzin 01:36
A Saved Afternoon For You Barzin 02:24
A Little Alter Barzin 01:01
Night Visitor Barzin 01:26
It Is All Known Barzin 02:37

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