Album picture of Bootleg, Vol. 1 (Deluxe Edition) (Live)

Bootleg, Vol. 1 (Deluxe Edition) (Live)



Album Tracks

She's a Mess (Live) Shattervox 03:55
Grand Mal Seizure (Live) Shattervox 02:16
Talking to Myself (Live) Shattervox 05:16
Caroline (Live) Shattervox 03:23
Cold Canadian Night (Live) Shattervox 03:22
Ocean Swirl (Live) Shattervox 05:03
Blood on the Stone (Live) Shattervox 04:57
Sing to Me (Live) Shattervox 05:31
The Ballad of the Fringe (Live) Shattervox 04:51
Monkey Man - Sympathy for the Devil (Medley) (Live) Shattervox 06:35

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