Album picture of Glorious Collision (Remasters Edition)

Glorious Collision (Remasters Edition)



Album Tracks

Leave It Behind Us (Remastered) Evergrey 05:09
You (Remastered) Evergrey 06:23
Wrong (Remastered) Evergrey 05:05
Frozen (Remastered) Evergrey 04:55
Restoring the Loss (Remastered) Evergrey 04:39
To Fit the Mold (Remastered) Evergrey 05:17
Out of Reach (Remastered) Evergrey 03:43
The Phantom Letters (Remastered) Evergrey 05:31
The Disease... (Remastered) Evergrey 04:13
It Comes From Within (Remastered) Evergrey 04:19
Free (Remastered) Evergrey 03:45
I'm Drowning Alone (Remastered) Evergrey 04:08
...And the Distance (Remastered) Evergrey 03:47
...And the Distance (Remastered) Evergrey, Carina Englund 03:37
Frozen (Acoustic) (Remastered) Evergrey 03:13
Wrong (Acoustic) (Remastered) Evergrey 03:14

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