Album picture of Modern Kid

Modern Kid

Slugs and Bugs


Album Tracks

Modern Kid Slugs and Bugs, Ben Goodgame 02:39
The Backwards Alphabet Slugs and Bugs, Doug the Slug 02:02
The Pangolin Song Slugs and Bugs 02:19
Catapultanaugahikawallawallarickitikianapoodloodlakastanvilletown Slugs and Bugs 02:36
Poop In a Bag Slugs and Bugs 02:34
Foster's Duck and Hedgehog Repellent (Spoken Word) Slugs and Bugs 00:26
Cell Phone Jones Slugs and Bugs 02:59
Pants Slugs and Bugs, Doug the Slug, Sparky 03:21
Ping Pong Song Slugs and Bugs 02:08
I've Got a Balloon Slugs and Bugs, Doug the Slug, Sparky, Ms. Carla 03:36
The Bed Making Song Slugs and Bugs, Waterdeep 03:16

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