Album picture of A Little Cup of Sausagewater

A Little Cup of Sausagewater



Album Tracks

One Wild Night Plattrock 03:15
How Plattrock 02:22
Every Day Plattrock 04:36
A Little Cup of Tea Plattrock 02:15
The Silent Water Plattrock 02:14
Lilli's Waiting for Me Plattrock 04:43
¿yo Soy Molesto? Plattrock 03:07
Outside Plattrock 02:19
The Voice Plattrock 02:37
Against the Wind Plattrock 02:08
La Douleur Dépasse Plattrock 05:30
Don't Leave Me Plattrock 04:56
No Longer Me Plattrock 03:43
Rulla Tirulla Plattrock 03:58
I Shout Out Plattrock 04:08

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