Album picture of DFTD Accapellas, Vol. 2

DFTD Accapellas, Vol. 2

Various Artists


Album Tracks

Trippin' (feat. Dames Brown) (Accapella) Alaia & Gallo, Dames Brown 04:32
All I Need (Accapella) Shiba San, Tim Baresko 04:37
Searching (feat. Melisa Whiskey) (Accapella) S-Man, Harry Romero, Melisa Whiskey 06:17
Revolution (feat. Nick Maurer) (Accapella) Catz 'n Dogz, Nick Maurer 06:32
Dear Stalker (feat. Born I) (Accapella)


Rebuke, Born I 03:13
Rush (feat. Liz Cass) (Accapella) Sidney Charles, Liz Cass 05:21
Shake It (Accapella) Bontan 05:24
Jack That Jack (feat. Pepper Rose) (Accapella) DJ S.K.T, Pepper Rose 04:19
Devotion (Accapella) Ashibah 03:01
Get Loose (Accapella) Mat.Joe 06:19

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