Album picture of Smyth: The Prison

Smyth: The Prison

Sarah Brailey


Album Tracks

The Prison: No. 1, Close on Freedom. The Prisoner Communes with His Soul Sarah Brailey 07:10
The Prison: No. 2, Voices Sing of Immortality Experiential Orchestra 04:29
The Prison: No. 3, The Prisoner Askes the Secret of Emancipation Dashon Burton 02:27
The Prison: No. 4, His Soul Replies Sarah Brailey 03:26
The Prison: No. 5, He Asks In What Shape Emancipation Will Come Sarah Brailey 01:36
The Prison: No. 6, The Voices Reply Experiential Orchestra 03:38
The Prison: No. 7, Orchestral Interlude. The First Glimmer of Dawn Experiential Orchestra 03:12
The Prison: No. 8, The Prisoner Understands His Own Immortality Dashon Burton 05:09
The Prison: No. 9, The Deliverance. The Prisoner Awakes Experiential Orchestra 03:59
The Prison: No. 10, His Soul Tells Him the End of the Struggle Is At Hand Sarah Brailey 02:51

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