Album picture of I Witness

I Witness

Mark Peotter


Album Tracks

Prelude Mark Peotter, The New Christian Singers 00:51
Overture Mark Peotter, Dave Standfast 02:37
Glory to God Mark Peotter, The New Christian Singers 02:16
I Believe Mark Peotter, Kinsey Peotter, Clifton Peotter 03:57
And so It Begins (Glory to God Reprise) Mark Peotter, The New Christian Singers 00:48
Three Wise Men Mark Peotter 00:14
Journey to the Star Mark Peotter, Andy Watts 04:23
King Herod Mark Peotter 00:17
This Is Not Going to Happen Mark Peotter, Ben Hawkinson 02:25
Pilate Mark Peotter 00:26
Peace and Love Mark Peotter, Aaron Ford, Kinsey Peotter, John Caviness 05:23
At the Temple Mark Peotter 00:34
Teaching the Teachers Mark Peotter, Dave Standfast, Ben Hawkinson, John Caviness 05:28
Zacharias Rap Mark Peotter 00:51
The River Jordan Mark Peotter 04:47
The Wilderness Mark Peotter 00:09
Temptation Mark Peotter, David Batchelder, Brent Seal 05:07
Tell the World Mark Peotter, The New Christian Singers, Dave Standfast 04:44
Comin' to the Mount Mark Peotter, Kinsey Peotter 03:53
The Infirm Woman Mark Peotter 00:21

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