Album picture of The Tragedy of Dirk Munro

The Tragedy of Dirk Munro



Album Tracks

All The Nice Girls Like A Sailor Gilbert-Williamson 00:45
Portsmouth Gilbert-Williamson 03:03
Dirk Munro Gilbert-Williamson 02:55
Going Back To Washington Gilbert-Williamson 03:44
The Lone Ranger Gilbert-Williamson 02:45
A Voice On The Radio Gilbert-Williamson 03:54
If I Were To Be Honest... Gilbert-Williamson 00:41
Let's Be Good To One Another Gilbert-Williamson 02:41
The People Have Spoken Gilbert-Williamson 04:01
Cinematique Gilbert-Williamson 05:39
Why Do The Mornings Come So Soon? Gilbert-Williamson 03:00
The Garden Of The Angel Gilbert-Williamson 04:01

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