Album picture of BUBBA (Instrumental Version)

BUBBA (Instrumental Version)



Album Tracks

2 The Music (Instrumental) KAYTRANADA 03:03
Go DJ (Instrumental) KAYTRANADA 02:36
Gray Area (Instrumental) KAYTRANADA 02:19
10% (Instrumental) KAYTRANADA 03:06
Need It (Instrumental) KAYTRANADA 02:17
Taste (Instrumental) KAYTRANADA 03:12
Oh No (Instrumental) KAYTRANADA 02:47
What You Need (Instrumental) KAYTRANADA 03:06
Vex Oh (Instrumental) KAYTRANADA 02:42
Freefall (Instrumental) KAYTRANADA 03:01
Culture (Instrumental) KAYTRANADA 04:08
The Worst In Me (Instrumental) KAYTRANADA 03:46
Midsection (Instrumental) KAYTRANADA 03:58

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