Album picture of Clive Osgood: Sacred Choral Music

Clive Osgood: Sacred Choral Music



Album Tracks

Dixit Dominus: I. Dixit Dominus Excelsis 02:05
Dixit Dominus: II. Virgam Virtutis Excelsis 02:52
Dixit Dominus: III. Tecum Principium Excelsis 03:32
Dixit Dominus: IV. Tu Es Sacerdos Excelsis 00:45
Dixit Dominus: V. Dominus a Dextris Excelsis 02:36
Dixit Dominus: VI. De Torrente Excelsis 03:52
Come My Way, My Truth, My Life Rebecca Moon 03:08
Beatus Vir Rebecca Moon 06:34
Alleluia! A New Work Excelsis 03:04
Hymn to the Word Excelsis 07:50

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