Album picture of Inner Symphony Gold 2017

Inner Symphony Gold 2017

Various Artists


Album Tracks

Pensées (Original Mix) Soul Button, Mashk 07:35
Placid (Original Mix) Soul Button 07:39
Perennial (Original Mix) Clawz SG 07:38
Antikythera Mechanism (Original Mix) Dan Baber, Fractal Architect 06:45
Ray of Hope (Soul Button Remix) Rauschhaus 06:54
Lotus (Clawz SG Remix) Synasthesie 07:18
Tres Bien (Original Mix) Anders. 06:18
The Miracle of A Million Lights (Synasthesie Remix) Rauschhaus 08:15
The Miracle of A Million Lights (Original Mix) Rauschhaus 07:19
Je Suis (Original Mix) Anders. 06:32

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