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Album Tracks

Intro (with Chrome Sparks) Whethan, Chrome Sparks 01:47
Freefall (feat. Oliver Tree) Whethan, Oliver Tree 02:35
In The Summer (feat. Jaymes Young) Whethan, Jaymes Young 03:49
Hurting on Purpose (feat. K.Flay) Whethan, K.FLAY 02:09
Drumdown Mambo (feat. Jasiah) Whethan, Jasiah 01:39
Sunshine (with The Knocks) Whethan, The Knocks 03:27
So Good (feat. bülow) Whethan, Bülow 02:39
Clouds (feat. The Wombats) Whethan, The Wombats 02:48
All In My Head (feat. grandson) Whethan, Grandson 02:28
Ocean Energy (with Mr Gabriel) Whethan, Mr Gabriel 03:41

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