Album picture of Victory


Baby T


Album Tracks

Victory (feat. Panama Profit & Alonda Rich) Baby T, Panama Profit, Alonda Rich 02:52
Dear Anyway (feat. IkeThaWrita) Baby T, Ikethawrita 03:14
Take Me Out Tonight (feat. Tina Jean) Baby T, Tina Jean 05:18
Blank Stares (feat. Breana Marin) Baby T, Breana Marin 03:51
Stay Focused (feat. Alonda Rich) Baby T, Alonda Rich 03:25
Love U Down (feat. First Time Fallon & Cory Jones) Baby T, First Time Fallon, Cory Jones 03:20
White Sands, Black Beaches Baby T 03:35
Talk To Me (feat. Dier) Baby T, Dier 03:40
Hands Up, Don't Shoot (feat. Tina Jean) Baby T, Tina Jean 04:07
Love N' Vibe (feat. IkeThaWrita) Baby T, Ikethawrita 03:08