Album picture of Uplifting Only 410: No-Talking Version (Dec. 2020) [FULL]

Uplifting Only 410: No-Talking Version (Dec. 2020) [FULL]

Ori Uplift, Ori Uplift Radio


Album Tracks

Monochrome [UpOnly 410 NT] (Intro Edit) Dalmoori 05:47
Your Voice [UpOnly 410 NT] (Mix Cut) Marcell Stone, Rebecca Louise Burch 06:15
Maybe Someday [UpOnly 410 NT] [BREAKDOWN OF THE WEEK] (Mix Cut) Dreamlife, Aleksey Gunichev 05:14
Too Far Tonight [UpOnly 410 NT] (Mix Cut) Sun Decade, Clara Yates 04:24
Fearless [UpOnly 410 NT] (Mix Cut) Robert Costin 04:20
Somewhere Inside [UpOnly 410 NT] (Bogdan Vix & Claudiu Adam Remix - Mix Cut) Allure, Julie Thompson 04:55
Lost in Limbo [UpOnly 410 NT] [PRE-RELEASE PICK] (Mix Cut) Angelus 03:25
Caravan [UpOnly 410 NT] [Premiere] (Fright Nite Remix - Mix Cut) Aldo Henrycho 05:29
Kanima [UpOnly 410 NT] (Mix Cut) Dan Schneider 03:58
Presentiment [UpOnly 410 NT] (Mix Cut) Amir Rad 04:52


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