Album picture of Ninety9Lives: Best of 2020

Ninety9Lives: Best of 2020

Various Artists


Album Tracks

Party Everyday Vvolv 02:24
Heavy Northern Born 02:47
Where We Go Milkoi, Tennizlo 03:14
Sketch Charlie Atom 03:46
Multiband Depression


Bvlvnce 03:51
Nobody Mark & Adam 02:28
Energy Ray Le Fanue, Rjay 03:34
9pm Xodd, Becko 03:21
One Last Life Jade Key, Minimonster, Ina Bravo 03:52
Enharmonix Fluxus, Alex Van Hool 03:14
Gypsy Kings


Ezekiels 03:22
Oblivion Bass Machina 03:12
The 8th Passenger Bliniks, Peredur Ap Gwynedd 05:06
Recovery Big Giant Circles 06:11
Odyssey Fléro, Jonny Lemons 03:59
How Am I Supposed to Know RUMEXX & KEEGO 03:24
Don't Let it Go Remy Nettheim, Lucalion 04:21
September Approaching Nirvana 03:31
Top of the World FREQNCY, Brenton Mattheus 02:56
Get Down Stone Forte 03:41

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