Album picture of Colorize 2021 Spring Sampler

Colorize 2021 Spring Sampler

Various Artists


Album Tracks

Parabola Bound to Divide 05:42
All The Giants Are Sleeping Fløa 04:10
Silver Lining Another Ambition, Dan Soleil 04:33
Fall Alex Breitling 04:43
Ah Up (Noequalgods Remix) Sound Quelle 03:26
Inanimate Objects Mahde 04:10
Parabola (Extended Mix) Bound to Divide 06:24
All The Giants Are Sleeping (Extended Mix) Fløa 05:40
Silver Lining (Extended Mix) Another Ambition, Dan Soleil 06:27
Fall (Extended Mix) Alex Breitling 06:04

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