Album picture of Reflection


Loraine James


Album Tracks

Built to Last Loraine James, Xzavier Stone 02:17
Let's Go Loraine James 03:40
Simple Stuff  Loraine James 03:26
Black Ting


Loraine James, Le3 bLACK 04:17
Insecure Behaviour and Fuckery


Loraine James, Nova 04:59
Self Doubt (Leaving the Club Early)  Loraine James 04:33
On the Lake Outside   Loraine James, Baths 04:51
Reflection  Loraine James 03:30
Change  Loraine James 07:12
Running Like That Loraine James, Eden Samara 04:19
We're Building Something New Loraine James, Iceboy Violet 02:31

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