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10 Years

DJ Kaito


Album Tracks

6. October (Day of the Nation) DJ Kaito 01:33
Vier Sterne Deluxe (Extended Version) DJ Kaito, Sintakk, Tybalt, Boozer 04:46
Die Leiden DJ Kaito 01:38
#lightningquader DJ Kaito 03:41
Abrechnung, Pt. 1: Lovesong DJ Kaito 04:04
Siwato DJ Kaito, Si-to MC 03:20
Diss DJ Kaito 04:01
Unbequem Fernsehen DJ Kaito 03:19
Abrechnung, Pt. 2: Schooldays DJ Kaito 04:04
Stopp Ramstein DJ Kaito, Wamp, Paula P'Cay 04:03

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