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Independent Rap Hustler



Album Tracks

Hot Summer Devious, Lil Ya 03:23
Out Dat 504 Devious, Papa Reu 03:24
We Want The Money Devious, Fiend 03:29
Where Dat Hood At (Hollygrove) Devious, Utp Skip 03:01
Close The Curtains Devious 03:10
1 Not Da 2 Devious, Kissie Lee 02:50
Take Your Past and Your Present Devious 03:12
Go Girl (Remix) Devious, S-8ighty 02:44
Independent Rap Hustler Devious 03:40
Like A Capo Devious 03:16
Stop Playin’ (What Ya Sayin’) Devious, KeePushin Kp 02:44
See It Clear Devious 02:37
Me And Da Homies Devious 03:04
Celebration Is In Order Devious 03:48

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