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Album Tracks

The Maker Patrice 04:43
Ain't Got No (I Got Life) Patrice 03:43
Walking Alone Patrice 04:13
Kingfish Patrice 02:46
New Day Patrice 03:42
Ten Man Down Patrice 03:22
Wiggle & Rock Patrice 02:56
Nobody Else's Patrice 03:33
Nothing Better Patrice 03:56
Knockin' Patrice 03:11
Situation Patrice 03:32
Don't Cry Patrice 03:32
Visions Patrice 03:41
New Day (Acoustic Version) Patrice 04:19
Ain't Got No (I Got Life) (Acoustic Version) Patrice 03:41
Nobody Else's (Acoustic Version) Patrice 03:51
King's Love (Acoustic Version) Patrice 03:14
Walking Alone (Acoustic Version) Patrice 05:22
King's Love Patrice 04:11
The Ghost Patrice 04:44

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