Album picture of A Distant Summer 2

A Distant Summer 2

Dog Tapes


Album Tracks

Amazonas Beatmund Noise, Dog Tapes, Rudi Montaire 01:54
Busy day Dog Tapes, Billy Wuot 02:21
Sun no more Saltysøul, Dog Tapes 02:07
Rising Woolfson, Dog Tapes 01:53
Holographic Kuchi, Dog Tapes 01:58
Drifting LyricalLisa, Dog Tapes 02:22
Gravity Dog Tapes, Frances The Mute 02:50
I feel like Expedidor, Dog Tapes 02:30
Deeply, truly, lovely Muun, Dog Tapes 01:28
it’s pissin doon and ma teeth look grey Pineconesweestones, Dog Tapes 02:07
Old man nod BeatNerd, Dog Tapes 02:00
Some lounge Electricsheep42, Dog Tapes 01:17
anything that can happen will happen (skit) No Mic, Dog Tapes, Suede Wallet 00:44
Mort de rire No Mic, Dog Tapes, Suede Wallet 01:45
Final summer Dog Tapes, LUXID AXID, Blocktane 02:00

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