Album picture of Settler


Malcolm MacWatt


Album Tracks

Avalanche And Landslide (feat. Jaimee Harris) Malcolm MacWatt, Jaimee Harris 05:00
Letter From San Francisco Malcolm MacWatt 04:24
Ghost Of Caledonia Malcolm MacWatt 04:17
The Curse Of Molly McPhee (feat. Laura Cantrell) Malcolm MacWatt, Laura Cantrell 03:51
My Bonny Boys Have Gone (feat. Gretchen Peters) Malcolm MacWatt, Gretchen Peters 04:34
The Miller's Daughter (feat. Eliza Carthy) Malcolm MacWatt, Eliza Carthy 05:19
Trespass Malcolm MacWatt 03:15
John Rae's Welcome Home (feat. Kris Drever) Malcolm MacWatt, Kris Drever 04:31
Banjo Lullaby Malcolm MacWatt 04:03
North Atlantic Summer Malcolm MacWatt 05:01
About The Songs... An Oral Explanation Malcolm MacWatt 05:03

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