Album picture of Stand-Up Montreal: Doula, Midwife, Fullwife

Stand-Up Montreal: Doula, Midwife, Fullwife

Various Artists


Album Tracks

Memory Loss David Pryde 02:01
The Devil You Know David Pryde 02:18
Father's Day


David Pryde 03:26
Showbusiness Prepositions David Pryde 02:42
The Menstrual Cup


Inés Anaya 06:06
Switching Teams Inés Anaya 03:40
Living the Dream Wassim El-Mounzer 01:48
Two Cultural Identities


Wassim El-Mounzer 04:13
Offensive Caricatures Wassim El-Mounzer 02:08
All-Inclusive Apartment Wassim El-Mounzer 02:36
One-Liners (Pandemic)


Heidi Foss 02:48
One-Liners (Loneliness) Heidi Foss 03:23
Gay Marriage


Heidi Foss 02:46
Placenta Daniel Tirado 02:39
Impressive Kids Daniel Tirado 02:28
Marriage License Daniel Tirado 04:00
Short Guy Energy Mike Carrozza 03:17
Teach a Man to Dad Mike Carrozza 03:51
New Gum Flavors Mike Carrozza 02:18
Mothers Over Fathers Eddy King 03:14

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