Album picture of Eyes Wide Ears Wider

Eyes Wide Ears Wider

The Arkutec


Album Tracks

Feeling Free (feat. Mo Miller & Crystal Beckford) The Arkutec, Mo Miller, Crystal Beckford 02:56
Never Mind The Arkutec 03:15
Way Off The Arkutec 05:06
Crush on You (feat. Issac Tarver) The Arkutec, Issac Tarver 02:29
Can't Stop Won't Stop The Arkutec 02:40
Grown Man Music (feat. Lucius & Mr. Simon) The Arkutec, Lucius, Mr. Simon 04:18
Black America (feat. Uncle Kyle) The Arkutec, Uncle Kyle 03:38
Pressure The Arkutec 04:02
Better (feat. ZEKE) The Arkutec, Zeke 03:24
H2LU (feat. King David Tha Vessel) The Arkutec, King David Tha Vessel 03:29
1 Phone Call Away (feat. Re Alissa) The Arkutec, RĂ© Alissa 03:06
Traffic (feat. Mr. Simon) The Arkutec, Mr. Simon 03:27
Lose Control (feat. Mo Miller) The Arkutec, Mo Miller 03:16
Eyes Wide Ears Wider The Arkutec 02:37

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