Album picture of Uplifting Only Episode 452 (Vocal Trance Focus, Oct 2021) [FULL]

Uplifting Only Episode 452 (Vocal Trance Focus, Oct 2021) [FULL]

Ori Uplift Radio, Ori Uplift


Album Tracks

Uplifting Only (UpOnly 452) (Intro) Ori Uplift Radio 00:32
Shine Through (UpOnly 452) (Intro Mix Cut) Philippe El Sisi, Omar Sherif, Cari 03:15
Uplifting Only (UpOnly 452) (Welcome & Coming Up in Episode 452) Ori Uplift Radio 00:51
Find Your Paradise (UpOnly 452) [FAN FAVORITE 445] (Metta & Glyde Remix - Mix Cut) Ferry tayle, Clara Yates 05:26
Uplifting Only (UpOnly 452) (Deb: Remember to Vote) Ori Uplift Radio 00:20
Victorious (UpOnly 452) [ORCHESTRAL UPLIFTING CLASSIC] SoundLift 06:15
In My Heart (UpOnly 452) (Mix Cut) D72, O.B.M Notion, That Girl 04:27
Uplifting Only (UpOnly 452) (Deb: The Fan Favorite) Ori Uplift Radio 00:13
Forest Whispers (UpOnly 452) [FAN FAVORITE 445] (LR Uplift Remix - Mix Cut) Rowan Van Beckhoven 05:39
Uplifting Only (UpOnly 452) (Greetings from Etasonic & Pre-Release Pick) Ori Uplift Radio 00:22


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