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Say Plays Say 3

Fazıl Say


Album Tracks

İzmir Suite, Op. 79: I. Waves of Gulf Fazıl Say 02:50
İzmir Suite, Op. 79: II. Brahms in İzmir Fazıl Say 02:57
İzmir Suite, Op. 79: III. A Silent Morning at Esplanade Fazıl Say 03:24
İzmir Suite, Op. 79: IV. Chopin in İzmir Fazıl Say 02:01
İzmir Suite, Op. 79: V. Poem of Urla Fazıl Say 02:51
İzmir Suite, Op. 79: VI. Rachmaninov in İzmir Fazıl Say 01:31
İzmir Suite, Op. 79: VII. Finale Jazz - Zeybek Fazıl Say 02:56
Gezi Park Sonata, Op. 52: I. Nights of Resistance on the Streets of İstanbul Fazıl Say 04:48
Gezi Park Sonata, Op. 52: II. The Silence of the Gas Cloud Fazıl Say 04:06
Gezi Park Sonata, Op. 52: III. On the Killing of the Innocent Child Berkin Elvan Fazıl Say 04:14
Gezi Park Sonata, Op. 52: IV. Hope is Always in Our Hearts Fazıl Say 04:14
2 Pieces, Op. 81: Ida Ballad Fazıl Say 03:52
2 Pieces, Op. 81: Mount Ida March Fazıl Say 02:29
Black Earth (2019 Version) Fazıl Say 06:38
Art of Piano, Op. 66: No. 1, In Memoriam “10.10.2015 Ankara Gar” Fazıl Say 08:00

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