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My New Sunglasses



Album Tracks

My New Sunglasses Freedust 03:05
Bad Move (feat. Sheila Weaver) Freedust, Sheila Weaver 03:52
I Got Your Back (feat. Mabreezee) Freedust, Mabreezee 03:46
I Do What I Like (feat. Sinead Savage) Freedust, Sinead Savage 03:06
Jump Up and Down (feat. Sarina Leah) (Deluxe Version) Freedust, Sarina Leah 03:42
Bloodlines Freedust 04:02
Stick Together Freedust 04:02
Unstoppable (feat. Mabreezee) Freedust, Mabreezee 03:20
100 Days 100 Nights (feat. Sheila Weaver) Freedust, Sheila Weaver 03:34
Light Your Day (feat. Sarina Leah) Freedust, Sarina Leah 02:22

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