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Ayreon Universe (Live)



Album Tracks

Prologue (Live) Ayreon 03:57
Dreamtime (Live) Ayreon 02:31
Abbey Of Synn (Live) Ayreon 04:16
River Of Time (Live) Ayreon 03:58
The Blackboard (Live) Ayreon 01:52
The Theory Of Everything (Live) Ayreon 04:38
Merlin's Will (Live) Ayreon 03:10
Waking Dreams (Live) Ayreon 03:40
Dawn Of A Million Souls (Live) Ayreon 05:08
Valley Of The Queens (Live) Ayreon 02:50
Ride The Comet (Live) Ayreon 03:41
Star Of Sirrah (Live) Ayreon 05:56
Comatose (Live) Ayreon 02:58
Loser (Live) Ayreon 04:41
And The Druids Turned To Stone (Live) Ayreon 04:42
The Two Gates (Live) Ayreon 06:00
Into The Black Hole (Live) Ayreon 06:11
Actual Fantasy (Live) Ayreon 01:25
Computer Eyes (Live) Ayreon 04:35
Magnetism (Live) Ayreon 04:45

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