Album picture of The Phantom Agony (Expanded Edition)

The Phantom Agony (Expanded Edition)



Album Tracks

Adyta (The Neverending Embrace) Epica 01:26
Sensorium Epica 04:49
Cry for the Moon (The Embrace That Smothers , Pt. 4) Epica 06:46
Feint Epica 04:20
Illusive Consensus Epica 05:01
Façade of Reality (The Embrace That Smothers , Pt. 5) Epica 08:12
Run for a Fall Epica 06:32
Seif Al Din (The Embrace That Smothers , Pt. 6) Epica 05:48
The Phantom Agony Epica 09:01
Veniality Epica 04:38
The Phantom Agony (Single Version) Epica 04:34
Triumph of Defeat Epica 03:54
Adyta (Orchestral Version) Epica 01:30
Sensorium (Orchestral Version) Epica 04:54
Cry for the Moon (Orchestral Version) Epica 06:42
Basic Instinct (Orchestral Version) Epica 04:08
Run for a Fall (Orchestral Version) Epica 06:28
The Phantom Agony (Orchestral Version) Epica 09:02
Veniality (Orchestral Version) Epica 04:37
Feint (Piano Version) Epica 04:55

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