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Remix Sessions 2.0



Album Tracks

Bedroom Session (Alice & The Serial Numbers Remix) Frigid, Alice & The Serial Numbers 04:59
Machine! (Frigid & House of Pride Remix) Frigid, Plastic Bertrand, House of Pride 04:46
Queer Nation (Frigid in 1987 Extended Remix) (Frigid Remix) Frigid, House of Pride, Loleatta Holloway 05:05
Mirrorball (Alper Kaptan Extended Remix) (Alper Kaptan Remix) Frigid, Alper Kaptan 05:16
Ex (Frigid's XxX Dub) Frigid 05:27
Machine! (Geff Borg Remix) Frigid, Plastic Bertrand, Geff Borg 04:45
Bedroom Session (Ascii.Disko Remix) Frigid, Ascii.Disko 07:40
On My Knees (GD Luxxe Remix) Frigid, GD Luxxe 04:48
Mirrorball (Aleks Hit Remix) Frigid, Aleks Hit 06:13
Machine! (Mateo Murphy Remix) Frigid, Plastic Bertrand, Mateo Murphy 08:14
Machine! (MahyaaR Remix) Frigid, Plastic Bertrand, MahyaaR 03:12
Promise To Be Nice (Frigid Push Remix) Frigid 03:46
Mirrorball (Minister & McCutchan Remix) Frigid, Minister, McCutchan 05:44
Bedroom Session (Mark Anthony Vox Mix) (DJ Mark Anthony Remix) Frigid, Dj Mark Anthony 09:13
Ex (Geff Borg Remix)


Frigid, Geff Borg 07:01
Mirrorball (Lalya Pars Remix) Frigid, Lalya Pars 03:19
Heavy (Ville Froide Remix) Frigid, Ville Froide 06:11
Machine! (The Alpha Ceti Orchestra Remix) Frigid, Plastic Bertrand, The Alpha Ceti Orchestra 04:32

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