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House of Wax

Wax Motif


Album Tracks

Hard Street


Wax Motif, ALRT, Nessly 03:44
All Black Everything (with Scrufizzer) Wax Motif, Corrupt (UK), Scrufizzer 04:07
Thank You (feat. Kaelyn Behr) Wax Motif, Kaelyn Behr 03:37
Come Again (feat. Scrufizzer) Wax Motif, Shahay, Scrufizzer 04:16
Skank N Flex (with Scrufizzer) Wax Motif, Taiki Nulight, Scrufizzer 03:20
Thrills (feat. Jaxon Rose) Wax Motif, Jaxon Rose 03:22
Live For The Night (feat. Daecolm, Ink, Hex) Wax Motif, Daecolm, Ink, Hex 03:25
Divided Souls


Wax Motif, Diddy 03:30
Keep Raving


Wax Motif 02:52
Waiting Wax Motif 02:33
Need You Wax Motif, Phlegmatic Dogs 04:11
Eyes Closed Wax Motif, Ilo ilo 03:16
Koalack Wax Motif 04:21
Issa Vibe Wax Motif, BRKLYN 02:48
Keep Raving (Qlank Remix)


Wax Motif 04:03
Thrills (feat. Jaxon Rose) (Colorsick Remix) Wax Motif, Jaxon Rose 03:23
Need You (Phlegmatic Dogs VIP) Wax Motif, Phlegmatic Dogs 03:39

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