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Night & The Light



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Album Tracks

To The Light Immanuel 03:15
Self-Critical Man Immanuel 03:47
Vain Immanuel 02:09
Go To The Riddim Immanuel 03:25
Pick Up The Phone Immanuel 03:00
About Immanuel 02:48
Dance With The Wind Immanuel 02:56
September Immanuel 03:58
To Co Mam Immanuel 03:05
Withered Flowers Immanuel 03:02
Come Tomorrow Immanuel 03:12
I’ve Got You By My Side Immanuel 05:36
Again Miłość Immanuel 03:43
Sixteen Immanuel 03:08
One Day You Will See Immanuel 03:17
Puławska Immanuel 03:47


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