Album picture of VESSEL: A Tribute to Hollow Knight

VESSEL: A Tribute to Hollow Knight

Various Artists


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Album Tracks

Crossroads (Cover Version) Kevin Vitz-Wong, Kassey Castro 02:02
Enter Hallownest (Trance Piano Version) Guillermo de la Garza, Koreskape 04:21
The Call to Return (Greenpath Cover) Tyler Rydosz, Kevin Hutchens 03:10
Eye of the Needle (Hornet Cover) Life Stream 02:49
Quirrel y Monomon (Decisive Battle Cover) Matheus Manente 02:03
Gods & Glory (Piano Arrangement) Michael Hoffmann 04:35
A Hollow Trial (Queen's Gardens Cover) Jordan Chin, Andrew Stern, Joanne Moo 02:14
Among the Blooming Spores (Fungal Wastes Cover) Chimera, Gregory Orosz 04:23
Resting Grounds Zone (Lo-fi Version) Faseeh 03:45
Dark Reflection (Cover Version) SonikBuster 03:44
Main Theme - Cello Quartet (Hollow Knight Cover) Triforce Cello 01:35
Broken Wanderer, Infected Knight (Broken Vessel Cover) Álex Garcigregor 04:53
Hive Knight (Metal Version) Klaymore, Gunderslam, Factory Flora 03:17
Dung Defender Re:Laxed (Defenders of Dung Version) Alejandro Espinosa 04:08
Malware King (Chiptune Version) Jester Musician 02:35
Whispering Crystals (Crystal Peak Cover) Tom Miller 04:00
Memories of Dirtmouth (Cover Version) Catboss. 03:27
A Hallowed Knight (Hollow Knight Cover) Darby & Ian, Vanessa Luna 03:29
City of Tears (Cover Version) Steven Higbee, Bobby Odle 02:56
Mantis Lords (Cover Version) Andrew Thompson 02:28

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