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Album Tracks

End of War UB40 04:41
Lost and Found UB40 04:37
Dance Until The Morning Light UB40 03:18
This Is How It Is UB40 03:57
Rainbow Nation UB40 06:11
Here We Go Again UB40 03:34
I Shot The Sheriff UB40 04:06
Oh America! (Extended Version) UB40 06:16
Once Around UB40 04:37
Slow Down UB40 04:06
I'll Be Back UB40 04:02
Instant Radical Change of Perception UB40 03:44
It's All In The Game UB40 03:25
I'll Be There UB40 03:59
Middle of The Night UB40 03:36
Securing The Peace UB40 03:36
The Road UB40 04:28

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