Album picture of Dee The Gemini

Dee The Gemini

Darrell P, ElineForEver, AAP


Album Tracks

PARTY Darrell P, Michael Mayo, Bitronix 02:19
ONE ON ONE Darrell P 03:04
Never Leave Darrell P, JAYDEN SALAS 02:39
EVRYTNG Iz EVRYTNG Darrell P, Michael Mayo 02:44
Take It Off Darrell P, Sire 03:04
The Rain Darrell P, Voxy Box 03:33
Miss You AAP, Darrell P, TeeRare 03:06
Can't Stop Falling Darrell P 02:32
Love you right Darrell P, Voxy Box 03:33
Immortal ElineForEver 03:14

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