Album picture of Minds Behind the Music: Born Free

Minds Behind the Music: Born Free

Various Artists


Album Tracks

All Through the Night Jay Elle 04:00
If I Save the Bees Bloodcat 03:00
Mother Earth Bad Scullianz 04:10
To Fix a Broken World The Star Prairie Project 04:19
Venetian Rubber Boots Tom Tikka & The Missing Hubcaps 04:17
Gave Me a Sign Matt Hickey Band 03:36
True Love Wins That All Lorenzo Gabanizza 05:38
Waking Dreams SchizoFranic 03:44
Warm Hearts Clear Minds MAncient 07:07
Guillotine (California Bound)


Brad Walsh 04:10
Seeing Is Believing Doctor Zee 04:06
The Point of No Return Phillip Foxley 02:41
Her Tribute (For Amy) The Remnants 02:21
Save Our Land Paul Shortino, Badd Boyz 01:31
Send the World to the Cleaners Those Men 04:23
Tomorrow Is Stronger with Love Coen Rhys 03:45

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