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I Miss Air Supply

Various Artists


Album Tracks

All Out of Love Mia Rollo 04:06
Here I Am Shyla Roxas 03:40
Come What May Shyla Roxas 03:50
Two Less Lonely People in the World Camille Lucero 04:23
Lonely Is the Night Mia Rollo 04:29
Keeping the Love Alive Mia Rollo 03:54
Goodbye Shyla Roxas 04:12
Making Love Out of Nothing At All Shyla Roxas 04:10
Even the Nights Are Better Mia Rollo 03:57
Every Woman in the World Anthony Arias 04:05
Lost in Love Mia Rollo 04:27
I Can Wait Forever Shyla Roxas 05:02
Now and Forever Camille Lucero 03:42
The One That I Love Camille Lucero 04:27

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