Album picture of Concrete Dunes

Concrete Dunes



Album Tracks

Why Would I Want to Die Grandaddy 04:23
My Small Love Grandaddy 01:22
12-Pak-599 Grandaddy 03:58
Wretched Songs Grandaddy 05:46
Levitz Grandaddy 04:25
For the Dishwasher Grandaddy 03:53
Sikh in a Baja Vw Bug Grandaddy 02:06
Lava Kiss Grandaddy 03:06
Fentry Grandaddy 04:26
Gentle Spike Resort Grandaddy 03:10
Away Birdies with Special Sounds Grandaddy 02:01
Kim You Bore Me to Death Grandaddy 04:39
Pre Merced Grandaddy 03:01
Taster Grandaddy 04:09
Egg Hit and Jack Too Grandaddy 10:58

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