Album picture of You Call This Music?!

You Call This Music?!

Various Artists


Album Tracks

You Call This Music? Intro Shahab Zargari 00:19
Little Bit Stranger Toys That Kill 01:23
Lonely Heart Useless ID 01:54
Mad Song Pornshot 04:12
Legalized Tv Violence Citizen Fish 00:59
Blind Abstain 01:05
The Cigarette Butt Fiasco Bikini Bumps 02:44
The New World The Devil Is Electric 01:38
Can't Resist That Boy Lipstick Pickups 01:00
Sakura Ancient Chinese Secret 02:20
Jock Jams ATFO 00:40
Dear God from Me Backside 02:27
Never Enough Berzerk 01:43
Brainwash DOA 02:59
Lies Diabolical Exploits 02:25
Guidelines for Revolution The Disenchanted 02:35
What Are You Gonna Do? Jon Cougar Concentration Camp 02:16
Bug Report Microsurgeon 02:08
Wish I Could Say The Grand Prixx 01:31
Fuck Off


Napkin 01:15

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