Album picture of The Dark Discovery (Remasters Edition)

The Dark Discovery (Remasters Edition)



Album Tracks

Blackened Dawn (Remastered) Evergrey 03:52
December 26th (Remastered) Evergrey 05:06
Dark Discovery (Remastered) Evergrey 03:35
As Light Is Our Darkness (Remastered) Evergrey 02:00
Beyond Salvation (Remastered) Evergrey 04:03
Closed Eyes (Remastered) Evergrey 06:39
Trust and Betrayal (Remastered) Evergrey 04:18
Shadowed (Remastered) Evergrey 03:52
When the River Calls (Remastered) Evergrey 04:28
For Every Tear That Falls (Remastered) Evergrey 04:14
To Hope Is to Fear (Remastered) Evergrey 05:39
Closed Eyes (Remastered) Evergrey 07:41

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