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Album Tracks

Never Walk Away Journey 04:19
Like a Sunshower Journey 04:29
Change for the Better Journey 05:52
Wildest Dream Journey 05:02
Faith in the Heartland Journey 06:18
After All These Years Journey 04:10
Where Did I Lose Your Love Journey 05:02
What I Needed Journey 05:28
What It Takes to Win Journey 05:23
Turn Down the World Tonight Journey 04:56
The Journey (Revelation) Journey 05:25
Only the Young (Re-Recorded) Journey 04:14
Don't Stop Believin' (Re-Recorded) Journey 04:55
Wheel in the Sky (Re-Recorded) Journey 05:01
Faithfully (Re-Recorded) Journey 04:47
Any Way You Want It (Re-Recorded) Journey 03:25
Who's Crying Now (Re-Recorded) Journey 05:16
Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) [Re-Recorded] Journey 05:27
Lights (Re-Recorded) Journey 03:16
Open Arms (Live) [Re-Recorded]


Journey 03:22

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