Album picture of The Well-Tempered Universe

The Well-Tempered Universe



Album Tracks

Sound of Creation Sc.Art 05:25
Tuning the Earth Sc.Art 05:49
Cosmic Watchtower (Part 1: Sentinel at the Edge of the Void, Part 2: Alien Winds, Part 3: Cave of Light, Part 4: Conceited Particl Sc.Art 07:31
The Loneliness of Huygens Sc.Art 03:54
Miniscule Riders on the Solar Wind Sc.Art 04:14
Saturn Tamed Sc.Art 04:57
Universes Wailing Sc.Art 03:14
Vital Signs Sc.Art 00:38
Barbaric Electrons Sc.Art 03:36
Re-Tuning Earth Sc.Art 04:29

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